Your Book: Step One

icon_oneYou've written a book; what now? Is it good? Can it be published? Has someone said, "Have an editor look it over"? BookEval's independent professional editor can evaluate and help you refine your work, with an eye toward publication.  Submit your manuscript to BookEval now.

Step Two

icon_twoDeeply experienced, prompt editing and feedback, plus copyediting and advice on formatting give you all you need to polish your manuscript.
See sample BookEval feedback here.

Step Three

icon_threeNow that your manuscript is as good as it can be, your BookEval editor, Catherine, can walk you through the steps toward publication, working with you to create cover letters, query letters, even a better title or critiques of possible book covers. Learn more under Author Support Services. Or contact BookEval now.

Manuscript Consultation and Author Mentoring

type_bookeval_09Thousands want to write and publish, and many set out to succeed without instruction or a clue. Congratulations on having common sense enough to seek a mentor upon entering a huge and complicated industry.

BookEval will read and edit your manuscript in support of your ambitions. BookEval knows the myths and the rules and can steer you around traps such as paying somebody an insane $8,000 to print your book. Best of all, BookEval works. Five of Catherine's first-time authors had books bought and published—without agents—in 2010 alone. In 2011, clients published three novels, two nonfiction books, a memoir, poetry and a children's book. Each year the list lengthens. A deeply experienced editor and mentor is the bridge between your manuscript and its publication. Find clients' comments here. See some books by BookEval's clients. Get tons of free advice at BookEval's Sanity Bubble blog.

Shifts in the publishing business give today's writers great new powers and responsibilities. Technologies and tastes change nearly every day. Using BookEval's services saves you a slow painful crawl up a long learning curve and years of effort toward making your ideal into a reality. today.

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Creative-Writing Connections: Events, Workshops, More...

I'm currently teaching in the Lindenwood University Online MFA Program:

Advanced Poetry Workshop (IMF 54900) in the Lindenwood University online graduate MFA program, one of the country's few entirely-online and accredited MFA programs, with concentrations in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

In January 2015 I'm teaching a course called Advanced Creative Nonfiction; we will write two full-length essays.

In April 2015 I'm teaching a new course: Manuscript Editing and Publication.

    • And. . .here's the best Yahoo Group of Creative Writing Opportunities including contests, grants, and calls for manuscripts and anthologies. It's been updated daily for six years by poet Allison Joseph. You may subscribe to the Yahoo group if you choose, or simply browse.

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