type_bookeval_09Thousands want to write and publish, and many set out to succeed without instruction or a clue. Congratulations on having ambition enough to seek a mentor.

The best way to become a professional (or seem like one) is to work with one. You have found one.

BookEval will read and edit your manuscript in support of your ambitions. BookEval knows the myths and the rules and can steer you around traps such as paying somebody an insane $8,000 to print your book. A deeply experienced editor and mentor is the bridge between your manuscript and its publication. Find clients' comments here. See some books by BookEval's clients.

Shifts in the publishing business give today's writers unprecedented powers and responsibilities. Technologies and tastes change nearly every day. Using BookEval's services saves you a slow painful crawl up a long learning curve and years of effort toward making your ideal into a reality. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.

Fee for editing, copyediting and evaluations: .05 per word of your original manuscript.

Query letters, cover letters, author bio, back-of-the-book copy, proofreading -- or have you been sent a contract and need someone to check if it's fair? BookEval does that.