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Choosing a Book Cover: A Matter of Self-Respect

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Choosing a book cover is like getting married. It'll be with you a long time, so choose carefully; and there are penalties for changing it. Authors often are dead set on the covers they want, so they won't listen to reason, and commit to less than they should have; or they just "want it all over with, get the darned book out," and they settle. I wish more of them would take their time to make a really good choice. The right title and book cover is 70 percent of your book's success. NOBODY wants to buy a book that LOOKS self-published. Please RESPECT YOUR OWN WORK (I feel strongly about that) and  consider (and none of this costs you any money):

1. Research book covers you like and determine why you like them: Color? Typeface? Images? The way the title or image is placed?
2. While looking for covers you like, look for unappealing ones, and determine what makes them unattractive.
2. Although the book may well be for or about you, the cover is for your readership.
3. A good book cover contributes greatly to the book's success; a bad one repels buyers and readers.
4. #1 source of cover disasters: drawings, paintings, or photo images by, or of, the author's friends and relatives. Even your friend who is a professional artist will draw you a disaster when you dictate to him exactly what you want, such as a watercolor of the old home place, or a symbolic image.
5. No one will understand the symbolism of your symbolic image.
6. Script or fancy type fonts render titles unreadable. People who can't read the title can't want the book.
7. A book's title should be readable from 12 feet away.
8. If a book cover is solely words (title, and name of author) it had better be professionally designed, or it positively SCREAMS "self-published!"
9. A truism from the printing industry (where I began my career): Readers shun books with purple covers; no one knows why. Go into a bookstore and I will give you a dime for every purple cover you find.
10. Book covers are NOT the place for old family photos, a watercolor of the old home place, or a photo or image of you (costumed, or being yourself). These may mean a lot to you; they mean nothing to readers. A cover is not about you; it is a responsibility you have to your readership.  If you must have those pictures, put them INSIDE the book.
11. Images from the Internet may not be used without express written permission from the creators or you can be sued and have to change your cover.
12. Self-publishing companies offer generic covers. Everyone will recognize that they're generic and no one will respect your book.
13. If you plan to list on Amazon.com and other sites, remember that online, your book cover image will be one inch high. Can readers still see your title when your book cover is shrunk for online selling?

What costs money: Professional advice. Professional graphic artists familiar with book-cover standards. This is money you WON'T regret spending.

I'll soon post some disastrous covers so you can see what I mean.

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