Exclusive access to a professional editor, electronically available solely to you; does that sound better than hours spent in classes and at seminars, buying and reading reference books and databases? We can:
  • discuss your first 30 pages
  • compose your query letter and cover letter
  • choose likely publishers
  • deposit your book in the Library of Congress
  • talk about what to do when your family won't leave you alone to write
  • talk about a writing career or getting an M.F.A. degree
  • find you a book designer

Quit spending time and money on classes, seminars, reference books, or surfing the Net. Get everything answered or done one-on-one with Catherine. In 31 years she has helped hundreds of writers.

It's your workshop: You ask for what you want and get answers. We might:

  • check agents' reputations
  • choose a pen name
  • find you a publicist
  • price your book fairly
  • create a marketing plan
  • create your author bio
  • rehearse for a successful public reading. The editor's door is open and I look forward to spending time with you.

Email Catherine. Fee for four hours, divided in the way that's best for you: $500. It's an elite service. Maybe it's worth the time and effort you'd save.