heart book bookevalThe best way to become a professional writer (or seem like one) is to work with one.

Deeply experienced professional editing for fiction, nonfiction and poetry manuscripts; mentoring and practical support before and after publication.

Catherine Rankovic, M.A., M.F.A, at BookEval.com provides:

  • manuscript evaluations, prompt and professional
  • copyediting/proofreading
  • effective query letters, cover letters and book proposals
  • synopses and author bios
  • advice on copyright and book contracts
  • publishing resources and recommendations
  • marketing advice

Your editor can help improve your manuscript while maintaining its integrity.

Your editor can provide evaluations, or guide you with direct writing support for revisions or rewrites (called "developmental editing"). Your editor can suggest publishers and titles, and advise you about your book cover. (The right title and cover determine about 70 percent of your book's success.) There's even more to a manuscript than that, like copyright registration, back-of-the-book blurbs and the "About the Author" page.

A publisher who says, "Have an editor look at it" is showing interest. He or she means that a skilled, objective reader should help you professionalize your work. See what BookEval clients say.

The fee for editing your manuscript is .05 per word of the original manuscript. It doesn't get much more economical. Other services such as those below have flat or per-hour fees.

Contact Catherine for answers to any questions.