Master of Fine Arts in writing, Washington University; Master of Arts in catherinerankovic2017English, Syracuse University; Bachelor of Arts in journalism, Marquette University. Formerly a full-time newspaper reporter and magazine editor, I taught creative writing at Washington University from 1989 to 2010, then in the online MFA program at Lindenwood University for six years, and developed a following as an independent book and manuscript editor. I'm under contract to a website to write two to four articles each week and I work for both publishers and individual authors.

I've written and published five books, including Meet Me: Writers in St. Louis (PenUltimate, 2010), nominated for a President's Award from the Missouri Writers Guild, and have worked with large and small publishers and ebook publishing. Awards include the Missouri Biennial Award, an Academy of American Poets award, first place in the Midwest Writers Center poetry competition and first place in the St. Louis Poetry Center competition. I have been honored to judge many literary contests and a presenter at innumerable writing conferences and workshops, in person and on Zoom.

My poems and essays have appeared in Plath Profiles, Boulevard, Midwestern Gothic, The Iowa Review, December, The Missouri Review, The American Journal of Poetry, River Styx, Section 8, River Teeth, UCity Review, Natural Bridge, Umbrella, and several anthologies including  Two Countries: U.S. Daughters and Sons of Immigrant Parents (Red Hen Press), The American Dream (Blue Thread), Flood Stage (Walrus Publishing), Are We Feeling Better Yet? Women Speak About Health Care in America (PenUltimate Press), and Guilty Pleasures: Indulgences, Addictions and Obsessions (Andrews McMeel Universal).

I have excellent references and an amazing network I'll use for your benefit.


Published books I've edited include:

  • Are We Angels: A Nurse's True Stories (nonfiction), by Jessica Patton, R.N., 2020
  • Whispers of the Heart: A Memoir (memoir), by Uma Eachempati, 2020.
  • Tetrabiblos for the 21st Century (translation), by Sylvia Sky, American Federation of Astrologers, 2020.
  • Walking at the Speed of Light (memoir), by Cheryl J. Heser, Morgan James, 2019.
  • The Good Time Girls: Voices from Beyond the Grave (poetry), by Gail Marshall, Pisces Sun Press, 2019.
  • Hope After Trauma and PTSD (nonfiction), by Sydney Segen, 2018.
  • Decoding Sylvia Plath's "Daddy" (textbook), by Julia Gordon Bramer, Magi Press, 2017.
  • Decoding Sylvia Plath's "Lady Lazarus" (textbook), by Julia Gordon Bramer, Magi Press, 2017.
  • 35 Tips for Writing Powerful Prose Poems (nonfiction), by Kaye Linden, CreateSpace, 2017.
  • Who Am I and Where is Home?: An American Woman in 1931 Palestine (biography), by Andrea Jackson, 2017.
  • Life, Love and Loss: Short Stories and Poems Based on True Events (memoir), by Magdalin Szabo, Lulu, 2017.
  • Galloping Horses (biography), by Xu Fangfang, Beihong Arts Publishing, 2016.
  • First Rodeo (novel), by Judith Hennessey, Sparkpress, 2016.
  • Bodies in the Creek (poetry), by Maurice Hirsch, 2016.
  • 35 Tips for Writing a Brilliant Flash Story (nonfiction) by Kaye Linden, Kindle, 2015.
  • Limping Along by Mary Elizabeth Moloney (memoir), Heart Whisperings, 2015.
  • No Time to Say Goodbye: A Memoir of a Life in Foster Care (memoir) by John William Tuohy, Litchfield Literary, 2015.
  • Attitude + Advocacy + Adaptive Technology = Academic Success (nonfiction), by Natalie Phelps Tate, Individual Learning Solutions, 2015.
  • Icarus Flees the Garden of Earthly Delights (poetry), by Tim Leach, CW Books, 2015.
  • Sun Sign Confidential: The Dark Side of All 12 Zodiac Signs (nonfiction), by Sylvia Sky, Kindle, 2015.
  • Fixed Stars Govern a Life: Decoding Sylvia Plath (scholarship), by Julia Gordon-Bramer, Stephen F. Austin State University Press, 2015.
  • Through the Eyes of an African Immigrant (fiction), by Unknown Melody, AmericaStar Books, 2015.
  • Rails and Ties (poetry), by Maurice Hirsch, 2014.
  • The Church of Forgiveness (memoir), by Deborah Allen, Wingspan Press, 2014.
  • The Devil Came to Town and the Angels Followed (nonfiction), by Bonney Hogue Patterson, Strategic Books, 2014.
  • Gravity Box and Other Spaces (science fiction), by Mark W. Tiedemann, Walrus Publishing, 2014.
  • Fishing for Light (novel), by Nathaniel Sewell, Kindle Edition, 2013.
  • Bonded and Hitting It Off: Horoscopes of Christian Grey and Ana Steele (nonfiction), by Sylvia Sky, Kindle Edition, 2013.
  • Elizabeth: Learning to Dress Myself From the Inside Out (autobiography), by Elizabeth Moloney, 2012.
  • Off the Leash (memoir), by Jean Ellen Whatley, Blank Slate Press, 2012.
  • Teacher of the Year (novel), by Edward Scott Ibur, Kindle Edition, 2012.
  • Gibbons Street (poetry/creative prose), by Sue Mayfield Geiger, America's Press, 2011.
  • Born Again Afresh (nonfiction), by Memory Bengesa, Author House, 2011.
  • Rising Above Enron: An Insider View of the Collapse (nonfiction), by Carey Falter, 2011.
  • Swimming Solo (memoir) by Susan R. Rava, Plateau Books, 2011.
  • Hunted in the Heartland: A Memoir of Murder (true crime), by Bonney Hogue Patterson, Eloquent Books, 2010.
  • The Black Garden (horror novel), by John S. McFarland, The Patrice Press, 2010.
  • Diana of the Dunes: The True Story of Alice Gray (historical biography), by Janet Edwards, The History Press, 2010.
  • The God Whom Moses Knew (faith-based novel), by J. Roger Nelson, WestBow Press, 2010.
  • The Book of Sins (urban fantasy novel), by Angie O'Gorman, PlainView Press, 2010.
  • Unending Struggle: The Long Road to an Equal Education in St. Louis (history), by Gerald W. Heaney and Susan Uchitelle, Reedy Press, 2004.
  • Death of a Red Heroine (detective novel) by Qiu Xiaolong, SoHo Press, 2000.

I've also helped authors develop publishable magazine and newspaper articles, chapbooks, ebooks, and short stories, or format their manuscripts for submission to publishers.

Photograph by Jeff Hirsch