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Photograph by Jeff HirschMFA in writing, Washington University; MA in English, Syracuse University; BA in journalism, Marquette University. Formerly a full-time newspaper reporter and magazine editor, I taught creative writing at Washington University from 1989 to 2010, then in the online MFA program at Lindenwood University for six years, and developed a following as an independent book and manuscript editor. I work for a publisher in Washington, D.C., and am the author of five books under my own name and three under a pseudonym.

Experience counts; my network is yours.

Over 31 years I taught creative-writing strategies to students who kept going and became published authors. I belong to writers’ groups and workshops. I “get” literary references and Latin puns; know the proper order of the Greek and Hebrew alphabets; studied Russian and German; have taught The Bible as Literature; read, write, and transcribe Gregg shorthand; have won prizes for poetry and prose. I love literature. I have given papers at academic conferences in the U.S. and Ireland, craft talks and readings and presentations at innumerable writing conferences and workshops, both in person and via video link. I have been honored to judge many literary contests.

I like editing because I help authors write better books, and I enjoy reading tomorrow’s literature today.

Published books I've edited include:

I've also helped authors develop publishable magazine and newspaper articles, chapbooks, ebooks, and short stories, or format their manuscripts for submission to publishers.

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