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"Who's Catherine?"

A freelance book editor since 2000, Catherine Rankovic established BookEval.com, LLC, as a full-time editing, writing and consulting service in 2010 and has since edited 45+ hard-copy books of fiction and nonfiction, numerous e-books, and individual stories, poems, and essays.

See her authors and what they say.

  • I highly recommend Catherine Rankovic and would not consider anyone else to look at my work. She has proven her value one hundred times over. Her rates are reasonable compared to what I've seen in the industry. I look forward to continuing a long, productive relationship with Catherine as I have grand plans to keep writing "stories that need to be told."
    -Susan Berardi, playwright, The Violinist
  • You are worth your weight in gold. I have never had such comprehensive, understandable and insightful comments on anything I've written as I had from your comments.
    -Gail Marshall O'Brien
  • Catherine, thank you so much for your input and guidance. Making it something anyone else but me (and my parents!!) wants to read is hard and I was utterly in the dark as to where to go. I got a little guidance from a lit agent who asked to read it, but that was about it and it was very little. Thank you for being that lantern in the dark.
    -Scott Thomas
  • I wanted the best and I received much more. Thank you for your thorough and helpful February 17 evaluation. You are gifted with writerly skills and sound advice.
    -Shirley Anderson
  • Working with Catherine, I have completed my fourth book of poetry Rails and Ties and a chapbook, Bodies in the Creek. While working with her, I have had success in getting my poems winning in contests and being published. She is the consummate partner for any writer who wants to move ahead in his/her craft. I am grateful to her each and every time we meet to go over my most recent work.
    -Maurice Hirsch, poet, author of Rails and Ties
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