book_meet_me_writers_st_louis_bookeval_rankovicby Catherine Rankovic

In Meet Me: Writers in St. Louis, author Catherine Rankovic invites us into the intimate space of the personal interview with thirteen well-known writers who were living and working in St. Louis or visiting the city in the service of their art. Included in this collection are interviews with Carl Phillips, Kathleen Finneran, Gerald Early, Don Finkel, and Ntozake Shange, to name a few. Rankovic conducted most of the interviews during the 1990s while working as a journalist. The interviews, thus, form a record of the development of these creative personalities, a snapshot of a moment in their lives against which to measure current and future achievements. Recently Rankovic added interviews with three more acclaimed St. Louis writers, making the book a must-have resource for anyone interested in contemporary American literature. A photograph of each writer, a sample of the writer's work, and a biographical introduction precede each interview.

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(Penultimate Press, 2010), ISBN-13: 978-0976067542

book_fierce_consent_bookeval_rankovicAND OTHER POEMS
by Catherine Rankovic

"Rankovic's reach is wide and probing, and crushingly close to the bone when she looks closely at the life around her...uncovering a hard-won understanding of the thin and temporary - and mocking - victory of the artist's "fierce consent" to achieve something in this world. These poems are tender, fierce, courageous and well-honed, alternately mad as hell and funny as hell. If this is where poetry is going, we may be okay after all."

~ Rebecca Ellis, editor, Cherry Pie Press


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(Wingspan Press, 2005), ISBN-13: 978-1595940216

book_island_universe_bookeval_rankovicEssays and Entertainments
by Catherine Rankovic

From 30 years of published work, this selection includes the landmark essays "Death by Poetry," and "Prisoner of War," the notorious "Seinfeld Sucks" review, interviews with Star Trek stars William Shatner and Patrick Stewart, and commentary on cultural phenomena such as Lawrence Welk, Newt Gingrich, feminism, poetry, Wigstock, war, self-help, Elvis Presley, and My So-Called Life.

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(Wingspan Press, 2007), ASIN: B004BA55GO