self_publish_bookevalNot all authors care to spend months or years finding the right publisher. Authors who want to see and sell their books now, or who have been told their books have limited audience appeal, are excellent candidates for self-publication. The self-published author controls the book's production, pricing, marketing, and distribution. It's true that brick-and-mortar bookstores won't sell self-published books, but the self-published have other options: online stores, grocery stores, quickshops, book fairs, libraries, downloads, and selling books at personal appearances.

After recouping his initial investment, the self-published author receives 100 percent of net. Poets, family historians, memoirists, political activists, experimental writers, writing groups, youth groups, and businesspeople who give seminars can all proudly self-publish (and no one has to know unless you tell them). Ask BookEval how it's done; have BookEval check your self-publisher's reputation and contract, and let BookEval prepare a professional-quality manuscript for you to send to the press.

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