Authors of book-length works can either ask Catherine for strategies and suggestions for finding likely publishers, or have her do the search herself through Writers Market Online (she subscribes so you don't have to), through bookstores, and through her network. BookEval will also work with you to write query letters, synopses, jacket copy, your author bio, and help you with whatever else your publisher demands, and assemble submission packages according to what your likely publishers want.

Currently there are 100,000 publishers in the U.S. alone, so it's good to have a guide when you're seeking the publisher who'll be yours.

If you have employed BookEval for 15 or more hours of editing services, I am as invested in your book as you are. For you, BookEval monitors, continually and at no charge, publishing-industry "calls for manuscripts," contests, and tipoffs from my network that might, with luck, bring your work closer to publication.

The fee for Publisher Search is .03 per word of your manuscript, if it's prose.