Your Book: Step One

icon_oneYou've written a book; what now? Is it good? Can it be published? Has someone said, "Have an editor look it over"? BookEval's independent professional editor can evaluate and help you refine your work, with an eye toward publication.  Submit your manuscript to BookEval now.

Step Two

icon_twoDeeply experienced, prompt editing and feedback, plus copyediting and advice on formatting give you all you need to polish your manuscript.
See sample BookEval feedback here.

Step Three

icon_threeNow that your manuscript is as good as it can be, your BookEval editor, Catherine, can walk you through the steps toward publication, working with you to create cover letters, query letters, even a better title or critiques of possible book covers. Learn more under Author Support Services. Or contact BookEval now.

Pay BookEval

If you are interested in hiring Catherine to assist you, please contact her to discuss desired services and probable turnaround time.

Click here for fee information.

Send your fee using the PayPal link below. Checks made out to "BookEval, LLC" are also accepted; work begins when they clear. You will receive an invoice/timesheet record.

BookEval Work Rates

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